"Music for me is a kind of god, a guide, a friend, a sanctuary and an absolutely intense power source."
-Twana Rhodes

Twana Rhodes - jazz singer-songwriter

Twana Rhodes is one of the most exciting live music discoveries of recent years.

The singing of the Texan, who currently lives in Berlin, is clear and powerful; - the voice, with which she penetrates the heights and sonorously the depths of life, is versatile.

Her great stage presence does the rest.

Twana Rhodes is able to let her life speak for itself in her songs. What can be more appealing than a well told story that surfs on a thrilling melody, while the interpreter practically relives what she tells.

She is supported by a band of international musicians who integrate themselves into the story in a fantastically sensitive and grooving way.

This is how what takes possession of the listener with some intensity and never lets him go for a long life is created.

The petite songwriter shared the spotlight with such greats as George Benson and Al Jarreau at the Stuttgart Jazz Open and was a guest at the renowned Jazz Baltica Festival.

Studio productions with Richard Bona and Adam Holzman, recordings with Horace Parlan, meetings with Markus Stockhausen and tours through Europe with a crazy ska band called THE BoB Color are among the highlights of her career.

It's hard to assign Twana Rhodes' music to a genre: Jazz? - At least jazzy. Pop? Also. Someone once said deep pop about it.

Twana works with emotions like a singer/songwriter does.

So something of everything and unique yet familiar at the same time.

Twana Rhodes was born in the former Indian territory Fort Sill in Oklahoma, grew up on the northern side of the Mexican border in El Paso, Texas, and currently lives directly on the east side of what once was the Berlin Wall.

Her first passion in life has always been music, whether through the medium of singing, dancing, writing or performing. To put it in her own words: "For me music is a kind of God, a guide, a friend, a shrine and an absolutely strong source of power. I am always grateful for the opportunity to feel, share and multiply this intensity".

The live concerts of the charismatic American are impressive, inspiring, touching... but in any case delivered in such a way that the listener is not let go for a long time.